Holiday Gifts for your Ghost Hunter 2021

Do your loved ones struggle to find the perfect gift for you each year? Or maybe you are shopping for someone with a minor addiction to paranormal investigation and are stumped on what to get them. After asking my fellow investigators and reflecting on my own gift ideas, I’ve compiled the list below. I hope this helps anyone searching for the perfect gift for their ghost hunter! 

  • IR Video Camera: If your loved one only has one camera, get them a second one. If they have 3 or more then move on down the list.
  • EMF Meter (Fully Digital): I use a Lutron 822-A Fully Digital EMF Meter for all of my baseline readings. It is a single axis meter.  The LCD display reads 0.1 -199.9 mG over the ELF range of 30 – 400 Hz. this meter provides a readout in both mG and microTesla.
  • Paranormal Music Box: The PMB will be triggered by anything that moves in front of it within 16 feet. Simply set it up pointing against an object like a wall or door that is within that range. The PMB will take a few seconds to calibrate against the fixed object. If anything moves between the PMB and the fixed object (wall or door for ex) then the PMB’s light will light up and the creepy tune of the music box will start playing.
  • Ovilus 5b:  The Ovilus 5 converts environmental readings into words. The goal of the device is to facilitate communications. Personally, I don’t know how this works to produce words since we really don’t understand which environmental factors are affected in paranormal phenomena but I know many investigators love this thing.
  • Boo Buddy: this guy is cute and unsettling when he suddenly says things like “do you want to be my friend” or “hehehe that tickles.” This adorable stuffed bear detects EMF, movement, vibration, and temperature changes while asking EVP questions.
  • GS2 Laser Grid System: this device senses motion, distance, direction and temperature changes and maps these changes via a small color coded screen. 
  • EDI+: this is the paranormal nerds best friend. It logs environmental readings such as EMF, temperature, vibration, pressure, and humidity. This data can be exported to an excel spreadsheet and converted into a graph. 
  • Trifield EMF Reader: this meter has 3-axis detection of AC magnetic, AC electric and RF/microwaves. 3-axis is better than single axis as you do not have to have the sensor pointed directly at the source of EMF to get a reading.  
  • Mel-Meter: the standard Mel measures single axis AC magnetic fields and real time air temperature. The more expensive Mel will include an antenna that radiates a magnetic field so it can be utilized as a REMPod. It also has ambient temperature deviation detection that will alert you if the temperature fluctuates.  
  • Motion Detectors: useful for monitoring areas where footsteps are often reported.
  • IR lights: We ALWAYS need light for our cameras and battery powered IR lights are essential. A teammate found some LN-3 LED rechargeable IR lights on Amazon that work great. They attach via your camera’s hot shoe. I highly recommend them for all of your cameras.
  • SB11 Spirit Box: not everyone loves the sound of these things but they can be a useful communication tool. The SB11 allows you to control the radio frequency sweep rate, direction, and volume. It will also detect ambient temperature and alert the user when there are temperature changes of five degrees or more. 
  • Shadow Tracker: I have yet to get to try this tool but I’m intrigued by the idea of a device that triggers lights to either come on or dim when something passes over the device.
  • ParaBeacon: this comes in several models but I am most interested in the device that lights up to indicate vibration or temperature changes. This can be useful in areas with stationary cameras where you want to be able to quickly identify changes in the environment.
  • Equipment Case with Wheels: I use a Nanuk 935 Waterproof hard case that can be purchased through Amazon. I own 3 of these and LOVE them. There are other cases out there so it is possible to get cheaper and more expensive ones. Just make sure whatever you get has pluck foam for equipment. 
  • A Faraday Cage to shield your spirit box from radio transmissions.
  • USB Power Pack: I use the one from Ghost Stop but as long as it can fit at least 2 USB cords, any high capacity power pack should work.
  • Jewelry: I know this doesn’t seem like it fits but give me a moment. There are a lot of beautiful “healing stones” in the world that can help your investigator. From opening up their third eye, enhancing communication, managing their tummy woes, and even protecting them from harm; healing stones set in a nice piece of jewelry can make a nice gift. If you are the type that worries and your loved one is Christian, you can always get them a crucifix necklace (extra points if you get it blessed).
  • A snarky black T-shirt: Most investigators I know are a sucker for a sarcastic t-shirt. This breaks up the monotony of wearing just team related gear on a ghost hunt.
  • Camping Items: if your ghost hunter does multi-night investigations in the same location, they are going to need things like a cot, sleeping bag, travel pillow, cooler, and other “camping” items. Being able to camp at a location saves ghost hunters a lot of money on hotels.
  • The Gift Basket: when all else fails you can create a gift basket. Order a Halloween bucket from Amazon and pile in items like batteries, a flashlight, hothands, small toys that can be used as trigger objects, playing cards, an Amazon gift card, Velcro contact strips, zip ties, caffeine, and anything else that may be useful in a pinch when investigating.
  • An Orby Plush: This is just too darn cute not to include. This is a small stuffed “orb”. You can decide for yourself if your orb is dust, water vapor, or a bug.
  • Cash: Ghost hunting is expensive from equipment to travel to location costs, your ghost hunter is shelling out a ton of money every year to enjoy their hobby so don’t feel bad about tucking some cash in a card and telling them to have a great time on the road. 

What items am I missing? Let me know what is on your ghost hunting wish list in the comments below or on my Facebook page. 

Until next time, Happy Hunting!

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