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  1. Those two encounters were definitely compelling. We always jokingly say the new investigators always bring the activity, and certainly that proved true here.

  2. What would be really intriguing would be to use some sort of aura or heat reading equipment trained on the witches and practitioners.

    I imagine in my mind that their hands would get really warm (red, orange) and they could cast that away from themselves toward something or someone who’s receptive.

    With the proper equipment, you could see and film this.

    I did find on an IES AuraCloud 3d system but pricing must be requested so there’s a supposition that it’s maybe do-able after some serious fundraising.

    • I’ve been talking with an engineer about how best to monitor individuals who claim to do energy work. Hopefully some day we will have something that is useable in the field. I would love to have an electroencephalogram that I could just hook up to people and monitor their brain activity but while I may work for a neuroscience program, they won’t let me take the tech home with me. 🙁

    • Mitzi, that’s interesting. My dad lives across the street from an old cemetery and he told me that he sees orbs there often. You can’t help but wonder if it is something attempting to show itself. In your case, it would be nice if it was your brother letting you know he was there with you.

  3. I like to think we step into a parallel realm. From my experience your memories design your journey. The human mind is possibly the most incredible thing there is. Your body is just your current vessel. We are spiritual beings.

  4. Hello, Jennifer. A friend today showed me your blog here, as I am preparing a presentation to distribute to a targeted list of folks with expert or professional-level skill sets in a spectrum of the scientific, investigative, interpersonal and historical/cultural, as well as those already working in paranormal investigation and para-abilities. I immediately realized why my friend sent the link to me: each of your blogs pieces pleasantly surprised me as your perspective in the explanatory ones exactly match my own philosophies on the same topics.

    I would really like to speak with you, in whatever format you would like. The reason is what you layout here: it is time for folks in the paranormal field to organize and standardize, so that we can move the field forward at the same time as the altruistic side, so to speak. Our family is trying to put together a network, starting on a state level, that would then be able to centralize resources and dissemination. Examples: formal classes breaking down each form of expertise/skill set that coukd be required in investigative work and a comprehensive team, collective meetings to team build for locales/projects that include connected experts for that specific place/culture, an insured equipment loan library (one of the criteria of scientific investigation is removing variables such as happens with different models or years of the same type of equipment; and it is more cost effective to crowdfund good equipment for a geographical area as well as insure the library rather than have individual teams trying to fund or replace their own), etc etc.

    The only thing that frustrated me in reading your blog is there is no clear reference as to what state you are in or a time stamp as to when each blog was posted. That could well be for security purposes; if so, I understand the wisdom and applaud caution over exposition any day. So I am posting this with a hope that you are still “live” on this blog (i.e. you check for response or emails frequently), as they tend to be the kind of hobby that folks let go. If you are seeing this, I would love to speak with you and your team, and I will publicly post our regular job email to get that process started. Also: we are in Missoula, MT but do not have a “team name” or public interface of any kind yet.

    It would be great if you would be interested in helping us to develop classes and standards, but even if your team would just like to network or you enjoy talking with someone who shares your perspectives, please reach out. Also, if you have suggestions of other specific folks to reach out to, that is appreciated as well.

    Blessings to you–

  5. I know you have mentioned you work for someone in the medical-science field (a separate, comprehensive convo on my wish list for future convos with you). Since you do not seem to be familiar with certain related concepts, please allow me to outline them off the top of my head:

    1) Reality is literally an individually perceptive composite. Every animal–and every individual–has a unique combination of abilities, including the physical abilities of their senses that they perceive with and the composite product of information their brain turns into their operating knowledge. This means there is an exponential amount of variability in each individual’s end product–and that continuous perspective is what we collectively refer to as ‘reality’. Meaning: each individual perspective of reality is actually unique. We may apply different types of filters to that to reach a group consensus (‘logic’, ‘rationale’, data that is only recordable by scientific instruments–and the human-driven bias of conclusions we interpret that data by, and scientific ‘methodology’ that requires an exact result to be continuously recreatable/observable/recordable in order to be accepted as hard facts, etc). But from an unfiltered, individual perspective, each beings reality is factually unique to them.

    2) How this complicates analysis–both personal and collective analysis–and creates so much variable is that, as you mentioned, each individual’s senses vary in sensitivity and function over time. For example: Some living beings are born blind; all have some variance in ability to take in visual stimuli that remains in flux or even declines over time. Some individuals have adaptive physiology that enables their brain to transfer energy and neurological resources to rewire themselves to compensate for that missing sense, though it usually involves specialized training, such as loss of your right arm, so you learn to write lefthanded. Others are simply born with or coincidentally develop (often in response to dramatic physical/medical or life events) divergent senses. Case in point: My daughter’s cat, Tempest, sees very poorly in full sunlight (dominant UV light) but with the help of one of our vets, we were able to determine that she has extraordinary (just as the term implies, an ‘extra’ sense or ability on top of the ordinary ones) to see in infrared; the vet discovered this when she got loose and became lost in his building. That was when he got to observe firsthand what our family already knew: that in a perfectly dark room (a closet in his unlit, windowless basement, where he was startled into yelping at first exposure to the phenomena) our cat’s eyes glow on their own like two green lanterns, much like the internet meme cat sitting on the phone charger. No, our cat has no body parts that actually ‘light up’ electrically or phosphoresce. The scientific answer turned out to be that she has exponentially more rods in her eyes than a domestic or other cat typically has; rods are what enable animals to see in the dark. Apparently when you pack an overload of them into an animals eyes, what you get is a lantern effect, where the eyes intensely light up from the perspective of looking directly into them, even from great distances, because each rod is able to somehow gather and combine all of the tiny amounts of light that are not visible to humans and ordinary animals, concentrating it where we can them observe the product. Being a military man as well, he was able to use tech and a series of simple experiments to establish by scientific criteria that all of that gave our cat a type of natural infrared vision that is not natural to humans and most other animals.

    Since Covid, lots of people have found their senses, especially their sense of smell, lost or diminished or radically changed. For example, I can actually taste by blind testing methods, any food or liquid that was stored or cooked in a plastic container–or even a can lined with a protective plastic film. No one else in the room may be able to detect anything, but to me it has a pronounced and very distinct chemical signature in its taste. This is how wine tasters and aficionados are able to pick sometimes a dozen or more distinct, ‘forensic’ specifics out of the environment grapes were grown and processed and stored…just by a minute sample of the finished, sterilely presented wine. While some *abilities* may be trainable, the highest form or expert is always someone who was born with exceptional senses and brains specialized for that, and then honed it to be able to achieve a specific set of goals.

    We constantly do the same thing with technology: try to produce something with an upgraded or new way to sense, capture/record and intrinsically sort target data, and develop new filters and protocol/processes to interpret it to get the desired results. That their are people, animals, beings (as we already know we don’t know the entirety of what exists in our world, not even enough to have a certain way of capturing such observation) that evolve or prove to already have abilities that we as humans or individuals don’t have should not be surprising nor controversial. The perceived lack or adversity is what fuels invention, adaptation and evolution; this is widely accepted fact.

    3) You specifically mentioned sound in this blog. The interesting thing about animals and sound is that we are actually born with more literal ability to hear than we possess the older, more socialized/civilized we become. Example: most people can distinctly remember times they have been woke unexpectedly or they woke in confusion because of an unexpected cacophony happening around them in the moment their brains switched gears from sleep/unconscious/subconscious to fully awake/conscious/alert. One of my favorites phrases is “the magic happens in the in-between”, and so it is in that physiological half-awake transitional snapshot. To those who remember, it is like an overwhelming sea of sound, too many stimuli to fully be able to analyze and process. It also seems much louder in that moment than the exact same volume will be perceived by you less than a minute later.

    All of this is because when you are born, you are born mostly without filters or protocols/conscious processes of any kind. (There are some individuals who may present otherwise; let’s leave that out for simplicity). Irrelevant of IQ or culture, if a human is born with the full ability to hear, their hearing is quite literal. A newborn is often overwhelmed by the same phenomenae as a waking adult: they are bombarded by not only every individual sound in the environment that they wake in, but also every echo as it bounces off every surface which ricochets or changes or amplifies the sounds back into their field of hearing. And all of that on top of the real background noises of their own bodies: ear crinkling wetly as it turns from the shushing pillow, tide of blood in vascular system, etc etc etc. Every hour that new being is awake in the new, external version of their world, the more their brains develop protocols by which to better detect and to filter. This is how adults with full ability and undamaged hearing can pay close attention to conversation with a lunch friend in a busy restaurant: their brains are veterans of filtering out everything they perceive as unimportant static, and adjusting their perception to be best at collecting the smallest portion of that, which is their objective. Same thing with volume perception: our brains automatically filter–literally dictate our perceptions of input data–to remove or reduce anything which we find adverse in any given situation. It is what musicians and forensic audiophiles do with sound, just as professional tasters and ‘noses’ do with wine, perfume, etc.

    4) Many people who hold that they were born with ‘extra’ abilities, will usually have done one of two things: either have trained their brains to turn those abilities ‘off’ (filtered them out of their awareness, denied stimuli until their brains filtered automatically, changing their real personal reality) or they have embraced and honed them, in the exact same manner one does any sense, for a specific and extraordinary goal.

    It is not surprising that the majority of humans culturally evolved to see ‘psychic’ abilities and paranormal as negative. Human to human: most people have extremely negative reactions to the proposition that another entity–of any kind, living or technological–can see or hear or literally know their thoughts or feelings without their consent or possibly even awareness; ditto for other forms of observation. Human to paranormal: no one is born wanting to be a true victim, we all have survival instincts which includes not only our physical safety but psychological safety and sanity. Therefore, no child naturally seeks to be harmed or harm others; just as no adult wants to deal with a harmful entity that they cannot stop either physically themselves or with the assistance of a doctor or police etc. Society to paranormal: No one wants anyone to be able to ‘acquire’ and wield such powers against others.

    Even in cultures where everything now labeled ‘para-‘ is/was viewed as practical common knowledge for health and survival, there three things in place: A) That shared with everybody common knowledge identifying what things were and how to best protect against their dangers, B) Specialists–often referred to as some translation of ‘holy people’ or ‘spirit workers’–that existed within access of every community to specifically deal with issues in those spheres who were historically credited with extra abilities and/or extraordinary wisdom both natural and acquired, and 3) A structured societal process for the sharing of the the common knowledge among the people AND an apprenticeship program by which the future specialists would separately be tutored and extensively trained by the elder counterparts.

    So it becomes easy to understand that there is evidence for several different kinds of evolution regarding extra abilities and para-subjects. Selective breeding and conversely genocide can increase the chances of either increasing or removing individuals with abilities. Humans–from birth–will naturally seek to edit out of their environments things that make them less happy; so those without abilities will be predisposed to fear and/or suppress or eliminate those with perceived powers they do not have or do not know how to guard against…and those with abilities may internally choose or externally be conditioned to filter perceptions and abilities out of themselves to make themselves more comfortable with their environment or survive and prosper in their social group, to increase chances of happiness. When the majority achieves the goal of stigmatizing and/or fully denying and suppressing all knowledge/stimuli of something in actual existence, then consensus becomes the new rule. Reality from a physical or quantum view has not changed, but human reality from the standpoint of what is known, observable and sharable (as all knowledge comes from building up of shared acquired skill and facts) will prevent perceived reality from matching this or even coming close in context.

    This is where ‘modern society’ is predominantly at, especially as systems become more ‘global’. Where in some subjects we see increased shared knowledge and technological advancement, any subject which has been labeled ‘controversial’ (often because it cannot be controlled or mitigated for profit or political gain of those desiring more power over society) and suppressed sees consistent corruption and loss of technology and knowledge related to it.

    As you said in your other blog, it is time for anyone interested in any field in life to organize together if they want to further common knowledge, practice and science/technology related to their subject. All of the individual and socially reinforced aspects are inseparable, so both aspects of the dynamic must be addressed simultaneously, in addition to the critical aspects of the subject itself.

    We are seeing this happen in the U.S. with UFO/UAP cultural boundaries and obstacles being removed between governmental agencies and the public at large; likewise, ‘citizen science’ has become a real thing and an integral contribution for data gathering, with the credo of ‘we are all in this together’ being universally applied in health, science, society at every level. I stand with the commitment that it is time to do the same with all cultures and para-subjects as well. (Ironically, this was the philosophy and approach of ancient peoples. But it is ‘new’ in this generation, ha).

    5) On the issue of observability, I think the most concise way to address it is to look at something like quantum mechanics and the supercollider: even when science principles and math explain something factually exists (or Tesla or some intuitive knew it did but couldn’t explain it), it is not accepted in social reality until it can be recreated on demand, recorded and repeated. There are instances of some things which have been created in the supercolliders that someone said or explained on paper how they existed, that flashed briefly into technological or human perception (such as the shadow of a particle but not the particle itself…and ‘spooky’ behavior particle facts and facts like a photon being multiple places at once without knowing how etc etc). But because the human recreation or observation–even assisted with highest technology–does not meet social performance standards, then it is still referred to as ‘theory’ in the official books.

    Add to this problem with dynamic performance/observability being the standard of societal accepted science ‘proof’….the very concept of being human: that we are all unpredictable to some degree, at all times, being both unperfect, sentient and prone to not doing as others expect or command us to if we have free choice. We are all individuals, and like you, I have firsthand proof in my own experiences that it is a fact that people are people, whether still living or past their expiration date. I remember a doctor once lecturing a group of students that they should be careful to cultivate their behaviors into personalities that are positive and pleasant with others….because he was an expert in a dementia ward where he personally observed that as peoples’ brains deteriorate, they slide increasingly into their base/core selves. So someone that was pleasant and smiling by nature will be perhaps more cognitively vacant at times but still liked–and therefore better cared about, less stressed and survive longer with more quality of life–than someone who is negative and detestable and cusses or causes others to avoid them in their active years, as they will surely be avoided and less cared about.

    The same things is arguably observable in paranormal investigations: those whose spirits seem to still be intelligently choosing to be within a place, but are pleasant and beneficial to the place or people where they have remained, can sometimes achieve a positive partnership with the living. Some famous examples of this are ‘guardian spirits’ both human and animal who were former protectors or helpers and companions in life, and enjoy their surprise extra ability to continue that situation in perpetuity. Conversely, those who were violent and predatory or ended traumatically and refuse to let the trauma go, are the ones that compel people to either avoid their territories or seek help to permanently their ability to have access and cause harm.

    So taking into account factors such as a person’s actual abilities and personality and experiences in life (I say persons because while some other types of entities including known animals appear in the evidence, a cat will not magically acquire human speech just like a simple person from pre-Industry will not have a clue to explain to you how a car works or operate it), then there is tremendous variability as to what you can get from them even with the best cooperation and technology. Many folks die from illness or old age or tragedy. So they may have passed while they did not have full mental faculty (I loved the “Oh crap, we’re dead” anecdote btw…our family has been repeating it to others all night), affecting their ability to communicate. There is also some theories regarding ‘fading’; the loss of identity or energy or memory over time, just as is physiologically observable with Alzheimers and other forms of physical disease and decline. (There are opposing theories that the ability to manifest in any form for interaction or observation never changes, and is equal to a beings energy or effectiveness in life; and conversely others say it is dependent on available atmospheric energy sources, technical knowledge of how to manipulate energy or amount of interaction with the living world over time….etc.). Again: individual former cognitive, physical, and social ability is unknown…so how can you get someone to perform something in the after life they couldn’t before? If they are unable to perform it for you, for whatever reason, then you will not get the empirical ‘proof’ you went looking for, but it doesn’t make their presence any less real in the moment nor the reality they are existing in any less real in their situation.

    And the big question: How do you make them perform it for you to observe and recording, if they don’t want to? Two of the oldest accepted scientific concepts is that our world and all of matter and existence is based on some form of intelligent design AND individual free will. There is plenty in nature to support both bases as being rational and practical. If you accept: A) A living person/being existed, B) There is still a sentience or consciousness or otherwise defined entity that exists outside of conventional physical embodiment, C) It is a continuation of a living, thinking, personalitied being….then why D) Wouldn’t you extrapolate that being is going to only do what they want, especially as the physical systems once used to control them have been removed?

    How many people at the other end of the pointing stick would want to be someone’s lab rat for all eternity? I know plenty of unpleasant people who hold onto existence for the sheer will of denying things to others or that have such contempt for their fellow living beings that they go to extremes keep themselves isolated from having to deal with them. Let’s put it a more positive and philosophical way: if you had the ability to literally fly out of shared reality into your own dreams, and could travel anywhere in the world or universe to explore and adventure however you wished….would you really choose to obey some prat stranger with a camcorder ordering you to appear and do something interesting for them? Often for no good reason whatsoever? Yeah…no.

    I am certain the evidence supports the mathematical equation of the number of humans who reach the end of it with all of the ability to perform for others on command, and simply choose not to.

    6) You mention wishing for more technology to increase evidence and knowledge; such invention and investment takes a great deal of collective crowd support. And talented innovators, who need to understand the specifics, challenges and importance of the need.

    I don’t know how much you keep up with the projects of other paranormal investigators and discussions of technology in the context of phenomenae (I keep up on as much pops up in daily, often unrelated research…so not frequently). But recently I ran across uploaded evidence gathered by a ‘recent convert’: a nonbeliever who was persuaded by the amount of evidence coming at him in his experiences over time. Said subject was something of an engineer who purchased and remodeled a building discovered to have been unethical built over a desecrated indigenous cemetery, and whose former owners had unloaded it without disclosing the paranormal activity (no physical body, no crime, right?). When the former occupant encountered the new one, the details were spilled. Being a nonbeliever, the engineer initially dismissed the wild and event violent claims by the former occupants. However, he was a practical and logical man who guarded against identified risks and always investigated every new subject for himself. So he installed cameras and increased access to the places the former identified as ‘hot spots’ of activity. Immediately, he began to capture inexplicable phenomenae on film. He spoke out loud in the room about what he had seen on reviewing the security footage, and activity increased. He was obvious about adding more cameras; things began to be moved more deliberately and dramatically or completely where the cameras were pointed out as recording. He made sure there was no other way to tamper with or explain the ebdidencd.

    So he considered a theory: he was dealing with an invisible, intelligent entity that had a purported history of becoming increasingly violent when ignored. He called the former tenants for a meeting, and grilled them for as many exact details as he could get about the history of the location and the times when the Tenants experienced bad events. In addition to having to consider that these invisible entities were real people (in which case he empathized with their anger and efforts to get attention as they lacked other ways to communicate in their current abilities and situation), he realized something important, that fits with paranormal lore: the incidents seemed to happen more often and be more openly observable at night.

    So being an engineer, a man of science and technology at his core, he came up with a theory, and a design to match: devices and visual equipment that was sensitive to or amplifies UV light. To him, it was scientifically logical that something made from or utilizing UV light would be less able to be seen or otherwise be effective in sunlight. ‘It would be akin to trying to shine a flashlight at the sun and have it reach it’s objective’, he said. So he had a paranormal investigator give him a crash course in theory and techniques, and then had him present to help set up the room to test his theories.

    He chose the activity hotspots to place the UV cameras and devices. He rigged up special goggles that enabled him and the investigator to be able to see what the equipment saw, and then he explained out loud to the beings that he believed may be the ancient people who had been buried there, and how he understood their anger at their obliteration and the changes to their ancestral holy spaces, for which they were neither respected, remembered nor given voice in the matters of. He explained that he was turning the lights off, had made sure to sterilize the room of all sources of external light, and how the UV equipment would work to show their presence if they were to focus their energy or touch it. And then it worked: the entities began to appear, showing as various shaped and density violet forms within the special equipment. He concluded in saying that these spirits, whom he now not only accepts but respects what they have communicated to him as being the elders and teachers or innovators of their time, have become partners with him in developing increasingly more effective ways to interact and communicate with the living.

    The story made me think about our infrared-seeing cat, and why some animals–just like some people–seem to be able to see/hear/observe and choose to sometimes interact with spirits, and why others don’t. I think it’s likely that just as some people or beings in life are born, built or honed to specific abilities and senses and energies in life….the same would be true for those we encounter who are not visible to us now. If it is outside of our senses, then it is both real but not part of our reality.

    And why can we sometimes see or sense spirit (seeing unidentifiable movement in our peripheral vision; sensing when another human or animal is looking at us even when we are not able to see them nor previously alert to them; and sensing temperatures, electrical fields and other forms of energy or even differences in air pressure–those are all accepted hard fact phenomenae common in humans–even though they are respectively not observable with our ordinary senses) but then not get full 5-or-more-sense manifestation? There must be different reasons and levels or types of energy required for different scenarios, as well as the endless personal why’s/why nots. So I would say that where there are entities who wish to communicate and be beneficial, we have only to develop the correct adaptive technology and teach or develop with them how to use it more effectively.

    7) When it comes to hearing someone speak, such as the example of where you could plainly hear and record the universally experienced boot falls on the wood, you could not hear the sound of their speech. Assuming the person spoke effectively and out loud in their lifetime (ability aside, I know of famous monasteries where monks are often recorded paranormally, but maintain the vow of silence they committed to in life, and make known their opposition to the living not doing the same), their is also the issue of translation…just as the sensitive next to you had a psychic ability to empathically sense emotion or intent and deduce the chessboard needed to be fixed to calm the entity, and you diverged from a that, perhaps the entity was neurodivergent in life?

    Or that they spoke a different language that causes them distress over not knowing your language when you spoke to them? It would explain their frustration and agitation without malice. And if you likewise do not understand their language, perhaps spirits either knowingly choose not to waste energy speaking or they do speak, but our brains filter out what sounds to us like unusual static? In the latter case, thus is where high quality recordings and forensic software comes in that can ‘clear up’ the audio for our faulty perception.

    Someday perhaps AI will become the definitive interpreter and adaptive equipment for all things spirit (gives ‘ghost in the machine’ a whole chilling new spin, doesn’t it? My son is already writing the story lol…Much like brain mapping is already being used to decode thoughts and dreams, and be adaptive equipment for stroke and injured or divergent brains…And within the next few years is expected to be able to be run as as a phone app to act as interpreter with animal species identified to have true languages…perhaps so too will apps for spiritvox be common).

    8) One last note: I have a personal theory that folks who die in their sleep, drugged or deeply damaged illness pass inside of the same ‘dream state’ we exist with in that sleep phase. There are accounts I know to support this, including a famous neuroscientist who was in a ‘braindead’ come state…and used his knowledge of his field as well as lucid dreaming to strategies his own successful recovery; records of other people who not only had comas or near-death/temp death experiences and demonstrated firsthand knowledge and witness of events outside of their body that could not be explained when they lived to tell their experience; and one case of a woman who went into sudden coma in December and passed away in January, whose voice was recorded discussing that years later she ‘was fully aware she was dead, but could not say for sure which of the 2 calendar years she died in’ and went into verifiable detail to explain her position on it. When life itself has so many variable states close to or clinically considered a form of death, and still returns you to fully functional and factually accepted ordinary life….how do you sort the scenarios where they slid off the other side of the razor’s edge, and the only difference is they now have no conventional, physical body?

    The dream state would explain a great deal of the variety of encounters investigators have when trying to get recordings of hard evidence: hearing boots and feeling emotions which are evidence of the person feeling compelled to pace outside the room, but not outwardly involved enough to be fully cognizant nor have rational conversation with other conscious humans. When someone living in a physical body behaves the exact same way, we call it ‘sleepwalking’.

    (Even for folks who aren’t sleepwalking, how many of us are coherent or logical when half-woken up or questioned by other humans? I can think of many bizarre things I have said out liud both prompted and unprompted, thought I said out loud in response but didn’t, did with or without memory or awareness of doing…. or observed of others doing, on both sides of the situation…and plenty of paranormal correlations of the exact same interactions.)

    That would also explain how someone–including your humorous “Oh crap, we’re dead” guy and his companion would go in perpetuity thinking they were just having the craziest dream…instead of sharing in the processing of society’s reality that they are supposed to be somewhere else, because (hopefully) their bodies were processed elsewhere a long time ago.

    It would also account for the phenomenae of disproportionate numbers of children in some locales continuing to stick around in the places where they were not traumatized, but instead they were communally corralled indoors or happiest, continuing to be curious and play and either happily interact with or occasionally fear strangers…isn’t that the subjects of much of early dreaming? So how would a child who has not been traumatized by the horrors of death & years of longer life experience, to know when they really were no longer dreaming?

    (I am concluding this novella-length response with the final post script: that I truly would love to interview you, discuss with you or even frequently share/debate *many* things with you…if you ever see this and would enjoy the same!)

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