1. Those two encounters were definitely compelling. We always jokingly say the new investigators always bring the activity, and certainly that proved true here.

  2. What would be really intriguing would be to use some sort of aura or heat reading equipment trained on the witches and practitioners.

    I imagine in my mind that their hands would get really warm (red, orange) and they could cast that away from themselves toward something or someone who’s receptive.

    With the proper equipment, you could see and film this.

    I did find on InnerActive.com/energy/products/auracloud an IES AuraCloud 3d system but pricing must be requested so there’s a supposition that it’s maybe do-able after some serious fundraising.

    • I’ve been talking with an engineer about how best to monitor individuals who claim to do energy work. Hopefully some day we will have something that is useable in the field. I would love to have an electroencephalogram that I could just hook up to people and monitor their brain activity but while I may work for a neuroscience program, they won’t let me take the tech home with me. 🙁

    • Mitzi, that’s interesting. My dad lives across the street from an old cemetery and he told me that he sees orbs there often. You can’t help but wonder if it is something attempting to show itself. In your case, it would be nice if it was your brother letting you know he was there with you.

  3. I like to think we step into a parallel realm. From my experience your memories design your journey. The human mind is possibly the most incredible thing there is. Your body is just your current vessel. We are spiritual beings.

  4. Hello, Jennifer. A friend today showed me your blog here, as I am preparing a presentation to distribute to a targeted list of folks with expert or professional-level skill sets in a spectrum of the scientific, investigative, interpersonal and historical/cultural, as well as those already working in paranormal investigation and para-abilities. I immediately realized why my friend sent the link to me: each of your blogs pieces pleasantly surprised me as your perspective in the explanatory ones exactly match my own philosophies on the same topics.

    I would really like to speak with you, in whatever format you would like. The reason is what you layout here: it is time for folks in the paranormal field to organize and standardize, so that we can move the field forward at the same time as the altruistic side, so to speak. Our family is trying to put together a network, starting on a state level, that would then be able to centralize resources and dissemination. Examples: formal classes breaking down each form of expertise/skill set that coukd be required in investigative work and a comprehensive team, collective meetings to team build for locales/projects that include connected experts for that specific place/culture, an insured equipment loan library (one of the criteria of scientific investigation is removing variables such as happens with different models or years of the same type of equipment; and it is more cost effective to crowdfund good equipment for a geographical area as well as insure the library rather than have individual teams trying to fund or replace their own), etc etc.

    The only thing that frustrated me in reading your blog is there is no clear reference as to what state you are in or a time stamp as to when each blog was posted. That could well be for security purposes; if so, I understand the wisdom and applaud caution over exposition any day. So I am posting this with a hope that you are still “live” on this blog (i.e. you check for response or emails frequently), as they tend to be the kind of hobby that folks let go. If you are seeing this, I would love to speak with you and your team, and I will publicly post our regular job email to get that process started. Also: we are in Missoula, MT but do not have a “team name” or public interface of any kind yet.

    It would be great if you would be interested in helping us to develop classes and standards, but even if your team would just like to network or you enjoy talking with someone who shares your perspectives, please reach out. Also, if you have suggestions of other specific folks to reach out to, that is appreciated as well.

    Blessings to you–

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