Working with Other Paranormal Teams: How to Get Along When You Don’t Always Agree on Technique

There are usually about 100 different ways you can do just about anything. That includes paranormal investigation. Individual investigators and teams will have very different ideas about how to conduct an investigation, equipment to use, experiments to try, evidence to consider, and so on. If you do this long enough, you will work with a large variety of these ideas and techniques. So what do you do if you don’t agree?

I have two primary methods in this situation. 

  1. Don’t participate in that specific activity. Believe it or not, there are plenty of opportunities to sit something out or work with another team member. I usually choose this option when I feel the activity that has been presented is unsafe. I will likely say that I feel that whatever it is sounds like a bad idea first; then choose another activity. If you don’t feel comfortable telling someone that you don’t like their idea; then say you need to take a break. Grab a snack, visit the restroom, or just go see who else is chilling out at home base. 
  1. Record it. Here is the thing, I may not believe that everyone is sensitive or that dowsing rods can communicate with spirits but that doesn’t stop me from filming the event. While the moving of the rod may not qualify as communication for me, the voice I may pick up on audio would. I always ask that anything that may move a rod, play with a cat toy, touch a REM pod, or light up a KII meter also verbalize their communication. The hope is that we can capture an additional piece of evidence to support the “paranormal” event. If you want to take other readings in the space then go for it. Remember that the investigator with the most correlating data wins. 

A note on provoking: In my opinion, provoking is not a technique, it’s just rude. It is NOT acceptable and would fall under the “I refuse to participate” in this activity category. If a person cannot find a way to be respectful to the dead (and their fellow investigators) then I will not work with the person. 

It is ok to have standards for what you will and will not do. Be upfront when these things occur and set your boundaries. Also, don’t feel bad if whoever is doing the provoking thinks you are a jerk for speaking up. There are a ton of other people in the world to investigate with and you do not have to work with people you don’t like. Be you and enjoy the experience. 

Until next time, Happy Hunting! 

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