It’s Always Halloween?

I’m sure you’re familiar with the movie “Nightmare Before Christmas” in which the characters live in this magical place called “Halloween Town” and their lives revolve around the preparation and symbolism of Halloween. Sometimes I think this is what “normal” people think my life is like.  Sadly, everyday isn’t Halloween but being an investigator does change the way I experience Halloween a bit. I can’t speak for everyone in the field but this is what I experience each year. 

  • Halloween stores open and craft stores start stocking seasonal items. This is the time of year that I purchase new housewares and home décor. No, my house does not look like the inside of a Spirit Halloween store but you can find hints of my fascination with the afterlife all over the house. Thankfully, my boyfriend likes these types of items also. 
  • The number of people experiencing a “haunting” in their home increases. We always see an uptick in people requesting residential investigations during this season. Most of these are not serious inquiries but there is the occasional legit request. 
  • The number of “haunted” businesses increases. Usually in August and early September, there is an increased interest in having a paranormal team investigate a business that may later be able to provide a tour (see the next point).  
  • Public events about the paranormal increase and therefore paranormal investigators spend a lot of time in September – October leading tours and workshops. I’ve had October’s where I worked every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the entire month and was thankful for November 1st. 
  • I say “no” to invites to go to “Haunted” attractions. I’ve never thought to myself, “you know what might be fun? Being chased by a guy wielding a chainsaw.” I can see shooting zombies with paintballs as being entertaining but that is the extent of my interest in Halloween attractions. If something is going to scare the pee out of me, it needs to be in a real haunted house. 
  • I forget to decorate the front of the house. This has happened several years in a row because I have been too busy with events on the weekend to even decorate my front porch. For someone who owns more Halloween themed items than Christmas decorations, this is just sad.
  • I consider putting up “Spooky Town” and just leaving it set-up all year round so I don’t have to remember to do it next year.  
  • I detour my commutes so I can see different Halloween yard decorations. 
  • I have pondered stealing my nephew for Halloween night so I can relive the childhood joy of Halloween through him. 
  • It’s over too quickly. Despite all the stress and hustle, I always feel like the Halloween season isn’t long enough. 

If you are a paranormal investigator, what does your holiday look like? Feel free to comment below or on my Facebook page. 

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!!

Until next time, Happy Hunting!

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