I Saw an Orb. No Really, I Saw an Orb!

In 2015, I was invited to investigate the Fox Theatre in St. Louis. I was super excited to be able to wander around this building late at night and peek my head into various spaces that everyday people don’t get to see. I remember standing on the stage that night as someone opened the mainstage curtain and staring out into the seats thinking “this is the best thing ever.” 

Constructed in 1927 as a movie theater, the building features a conglomeration of Moorish, far Eastern, Egyptian, Babylonian and Indian themes of various periods. The result is a uniquely ornate building that is hard not to love. At the top of the building is a projection room and at the bottom is a small screening room where William Fox would pre-screen the latest movies before showing them in the auditorium. It is in this screening room where I saw something I really didn’t think existed. 

A fellow investigator and I were sitting on the floor and having an animated discussion about the movies that might have been pre-screened in the room. We discussed actresses and styles along with the general excitement of the early years of motion pictures. In the middle of this discussion, we both see an orangish yellow light about the size of a quarter float along the front of a buffet table pushed against the wall. The light did a small loop and blinked out after about 30 seconds. I immediately thought that someone was walking down the hallway just behind us with a flashlight. So, I get up and walk down the hall, finding no one. When I return, my fellow investigator looks at me and says “you saw that right?” I tell her yes and ask what it was and she states “I don’t know.” 

I walk over to the buffet and start knocking on the wood, which is solid. I shift many items on top trying to cause a reflection and even shake my arm because I was wearing my new fitbit watch that light’s up when it senses movement. Nothing reproduced the light. Our hunt for the little ball of light continued for another 30-40 minutes when I finally accepted that there was absolutely nothing in the room that I could figure caused the anomaly. Unfortunately, we did not have a single camera pointed in that direction so all I have is a story and my memory of the event. 

Now, I know what you are thinking, “Orbs aren’t paranormal, their dust and bugs and water vapor.” This is mostly true. Most “paranormal” claims of orbs are indeed one of those three things. Those orbs are typically captured on a still or video camera and are an effect of light reflecting off of the dust, bug, or water vapor. In my situation, there was no camera and therefore, there was no camera flair. I have talked to many investigators who have seen balls of light that can only be called orbs. These balls emit their own light, move of their own accord, and vanish just as quickly as they appeared. Are these balls of lights ghosts? I can’t say. I have yet to have a ball of light approach me and tell me it’s name so I’m going to sit the fence on this one for now. 

Nonetheless, I am certain I saw this ball of light and I cannot explain it. Since it was beyond normal understanding, I am going to call it paranormal until someone can give me a better answer. Have you ever seen a light orb or do you have an idea of what would cause this type of anomaly? Feel free to share your stories and ideas in the comments and on my Facebook page. 

Until next time, Happy Hunting!


    • Mitzi, that’s interesting. My dad lives across the street from an old cemetery and he told me that he sees orbs there often. You can’t help but wonder if it is something attempting to show itself. In your case, it would be nice if it was your brother letting you know he was there with you.

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