Book Review: “On Dark Ground: Investigating the Haunted Monroe House” by Richard Estep

I visited the Monroe House in March 2021 and plan to visit again this month. I’ve had a couple fairly interesting dreams/nightmares about the house since my first visit and found myself wanting to learn more about what others have experienced there. Just as a note, I don’t have any crazy stories from my visit, just a couple EVPS caught be my co-investigators. Anyway, this book includes information from interviews with people who have investigated the house, lore, and the retelling of the authors experience investigating the house.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, if you just want to read about paranormal investigation or want to learn about how others conduct investigations, this is a nice look at the process beginning to end. I also recommend this to people who are planning to visit Monroe House as it does include a lot of information about the activity and gives you ideas on experiments to try. Note: your team sensitives and mediums should not read this book before visiting. There is too much leading information provided.

Pros: Easy read (the font was huge in my opinion). I finished this book in a week (which is fast for me these days). It kept my interest and gave me some ideas on things to try when we return to the location later this year. I’m very excited to try running two Estes experiments at one time as this provided some really interesting responses in the book.

Cons: The cover and the title are very “this is a scary horror book, expect to be scared!” It looks more like fiction than a firsthand experience of the location. (Yes, I know that is really picky, but it annoys me when books try to scare you with fancy drawings.)

You can purchase your own copy of the book here.

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