Book Review: “Paranormal Investigations” by Chad Stambaugh

This book is a “how to” book for paranormal investigations. It reviews basic equipment, types of spirits, basic investigation methods, interviewing potential clients, residential cases, evidence review, and includes a sample of forms that can be used by investigation teams. Chad Stambaugh correctly identifies the lack of a cohesive process in paranormal investigation and seeks to help detail a simple process that any investigator can follow. He has a hope of some day elevating paranormal investigation beyond simple hobby to something that can be structured in a way that science will begin to accept the methods of paranormal field researchers.

Would I recommend this book? YES, I would 100% recommend this book to anyone who wants to be (or currently is) a paranormal investigator. The information contained in this book is very useful and helps the reader start to think about the actual process of paranormal investigation. While he does make several assumptions about the existence of “ghosts”, I was able to ignore this in order to focus on the process oriented information. Heck, I’m thinking about purchasing several copies to hand out as Christmas presents this year.

Pros: Short, simple, and to the point. This book contains all of the essential “first day on the job” information I would want a new investigator to know. There is always more to learn but this gets everyone on the same page.

Cons: His attitude toward other paranormal investigators and/or ghost hunters can be a bit negative from time to time. He is a bit judgmental but he isn’t necessarily wrong in his judgment, just harsh. Also, he makes a lot of assumptions about the existence of ghosts and energy that are not backed by science.

You can purchase your own copy of the book here.

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