GhostStop Phasm Camera Review

For Christmas, I ordered myself the newest camera from GhostStop, the Phasm. I was excited for the new options that would expand the video quality and memory capacity. As a background, I have been regularly using three GhostStop Full Spectrum POV cameras and love them. They are small, have fairly decent sound quality, and a great wide angle image. I have caught some interesting EVP’s on these cameras and have recommended them to fellow investigators. My set-up usually includes one of these cameras, an IR light, and a USB power pack all zip strapped to a tripod. This set-up allows me to quickly change my camera placement and adapt to changing circumstances while in the field. 

Jen’s Camera Set-Up

The most exciting thing about the Phasm camera is the 128 GB memory card capacity. The previous cameras would only take up to a 32 GB card. The 32 GB card would allow me to use my camera set-up for 5 hours before having to change memory cards while recording in 1080p (30fps). With the 128 GB card, I can now run the camera for 12-16 hours at 1080p (60fps). This is a major improvement as I can now leave the camera set for the duration of an overnight investigation and not worry about it.  Note that the memory capacity is affected by the amount of light available as IR mode takes less memory capacity then full color images. So, daytime investigations will consume more memory. 

Many people will be interested in the 4K and 2.5K capabilities of the camera. I did test these options out and as you can see from the photos below, there is a slight difference in the picture quality. In my opinion, this minor improvement is not worth the lost recording time as recording in these settings takes up far more memory (4k = ~ 6.5 hours or recording time). You may also want to consider download times as you move these files from memory cards to long term backup. Moving large 4k files takes much longer than a 1080p file. 

Overall, image quality remains good with this camera and the wide angle is still a key selling point for this little guy. I was not using my IR light at full power and this particular light does not accommodate full-spectrum so with an expensive IR light, your video quality will go up drastically. GhostStop does have an impressive Phasm IR light that can be purchased to go with this camera and they can snap together via magnets making set-up fast. (The light was not in my budget at the time but it is on my list for future purchase). 

Sound quality is not as good as the original full spectrum cameras. I did notice a very soft mechanical sound within the camera and worked with GhostStop to troubleshoot what may be occurring. Ultimately, they determined that it was a normal sound of the camera’s functioning and wasn’t going to cause an issue in the long run.  Much like EVP’s, some people will hear it and others won’t.  I also noticed louder static noises after the camera had been running for over 10 hours. The noise is not constant but it is noticeable. Despite this, I have captured at least one amazing EVP with this camera already. I appreciated GhostStop’s quick response and willingness to investigate the issue.

While I love my original GhostStop cameras, I am hesitant about recommending this camera due to multiple problems experienced by my team (please see updates below). I purchased my first camera from GhostStop in 2018 and continue to use it. Have you tried this camera yet or is there another camera that you love? Please feel free to share your experiences with paranormal video equipment in the comments or on my Facebook page. 

Until next time, Happy Hunting! 

Update 6/13/2022: I used this camera for a 2 day investigation at Ashmore Estates. I was able to switch out memory cards and battery packs to keep the camera running for almost the entire 48 hours. The camera did get very hot and one team member had her Phasm camera video screen pop off due to excess heat. These cameras are clearly not designed to run for 48 hours straight so plan to power them off to cool down occasionally to ensure they are not damaged by excessive heat.

Update 8/9/2022: The team continues to have issues with these cameras. One team member is constantly having issues with memory cards not being compatible and a static noise. Another team member has had the screen pop off her camera multiple times due to overheating (after only 3 hours). I continue to hear internal noise in my camera. At this time, myself and the other 2 team members who have purchased this camera have received replacements due to ongoing issues. We are crossing our fingers that the problems will be reduced with the new cameras and that there were just flaws in the first production run.

*Note: I did not receive any free products or incentive to write a review.

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