What are we looking for?

Recently, while on an investigation, I was conducting an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) session and trying to explain what we were doing and why we were doing it to whatever may be listening. I explained that people like us often visit locations in an attempt to understand how someone or something unseen can interact with us. Further, I said that we wanted to know why we can’t see what is interacting with us. A fellow investigator raised his hand and said, “I know the answer to this. It’s because they have passed.” But is that really what is occurring in this situation? 

There are a lot of assumptions made about what causes paranormal phenomena including ghosts/dead people, overactive imaginations, time slips, aliens, dimensional portals, psychological illness, and so on. So, when I state that we are trying to understand how something or someone can interact while not being visible, I am being honest as to our lack of knowledge regarding what is occurring in these situations. Now, don’t get me wrong, something is occurring. I have several recordings to show that something strange is happening but none of those recordings directly point to “dead people.” At no time have I recorded something that states clearly that it was a specific person who lived at a specific time and died at a specific time. This would be amazing. I often joke to my friends that when they do pass, they are required to stand directly in front of my video camera and clearly state their full name, date of birth, and date of death. 

Even if we were to get a full name communicated, this still does not eliminate the possibility of time slips or alternate dimensions as both could lead to someone with the same name residing in a location. Ultimately, the question isn’t who we are talking to, but how is this interaction possible. What are the mechanics that are making this interaction occur? If it is a person who is deceased, how does the consciousness remain to communicate?  What is consciousness and can it exist outside of the human body? More so, how can something vocalize without vocal cords?  If the phenomena is caused by time or dimensional  anomalies, how do these occur and can we measure a change in the environment to know when these anomalies might be present?  We can ask these and similar questions for each and every possible cause of anomalous activity. In order to understand the “what”, we have to figure out the “how”. 

With all of this said, I will admit that a lot of paranormal investigators are looking for answers to the afterlife and communication with the deceased. The study of Parapsychology began with a quest to understand if something of our consciousness continues after death. Despite decades of study, we still don’t have an answer to this question. Science continues to probe the edges of understanding through research into consciousness and quantum physics. These studies may someday point us in a direction and they may also prove to be false flags as we continue to stumble in the dark looking for answers. 

Until we find those answers, I will continue to explain my presence at these locations as an attempt to understand the nature of the anomalous happenings. I will continue to use historical information along with specialized equipment. I will consider every possible answer and leave those doors open for investigation. I’m willing to be wrong and I am willing to be surprised by the eventual answer. I hope you are too. 

Until next time, Happy Hunting!

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