Are some people more likely to experience the paranormal?

I often get asked if some people are more likely to experience paranormal activity. The simple answer is, yes. Of course, with all things paranormal you have to understand why this may happen. So why might someone be more or less likely to experience paranormal activity?

First, some people have much more developed senses (and I’m not talking about that 6th sense), I’m talking about basic human senses. Having excellent eyesight, hearing, and even smell can make you better at perceiving changes in the environment. Everyone’s body register’s changes in the environment differently so something as simple as a temperature change can affect one person more than another. This also goes for being affected by electromagnetic field exposure and strong smells or gasses. While none of these things is directly linked to “paranormal” experiences, they can lead people to have more anomalous experiences than others. 

Next, some people are more accepting of things as being paranormal. This means that if you are very critical and analytical, you are less likely to experience the paranormal because you are more likely to write it off as something mundane. Once again, this does not mean that the open person is really experiencing something paranormal but they are more likely to accept the information they receive as paranormal than someone who is not as accepting. 

Recently, I’ve noticed that people who are more empathetic also have more paranormal experiences. This could be because they are more in touch with their emotions and open to experiencing a location from this viewpoint. Maybe they connect better with others and “spirits” find them easier to influence. An empathetic person may conduct a different EVP session that focuses less on the big tragedy and more on the minutiae of a person. I’ve often thought that “spirits” may not want to talk about those big tragedies so they may be more interested in talking with someone who recognizes that aspect. 

And of course, there is the idea that some people are just more sensitive to the “spiritual” realm. We often call these people mediums, empaths, or sensitives. Whether or not they are “sensing” the undead or something mundane is really hard to say for certain. There is a very long history of mediums being debunked by the skeptical investigator and various documented moments of other mediums stumping those same skeptics. I think it’s important to weigh all of the data when you work with someone who claims to be sensitive to the paranormal. Do I think it is possible? Sure, why not? I’ve seen enough crazy stuff to not discount all of it outright but I’ve also seen a lot of fakes. I’m cautiously curious. 

So, yes, there are people who are more likely to experience paranormal phenomena. It does not make one person better at investigation than another. You honestly need both the “sensitive” and the skeptical to form a solid research team. The more sensing person can help guide some aspects of the investigation while the skeptical can find logical solutions where available. This balance keeps the sensitive honest while allowing the team to explore ideas that may not have been obvious to the skeptical. As always, work with people you trust and work together to form basic investigation methods that will balance these aspects. 

Until next time, Happy Hunting!

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