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Pondering: Spirit Voices and Radio Waves

As our team continues to experiment with the Estes Method/Spirit Box Method, I have been considering what may be occurring in these situations. One of the more fascinating results has been a tendency for our more sensitive investigators to “overhear” conversations and feel as though whoever is speaking is chatting about us. Statements are expressed as “they are recording”, “she is listening”, “they can’t see us”, and one of my favorite moments involved the statement “crap, we’re dead”. (At the time, I reassured whoever was speaking that we would all have the same reaction if in the same situation) 

So what is happening here? Are we picking up stray radio signals that just sound as though they are referring to us or is it something else? Below are some thoughts I have as I try to piece together this puzzle. 

  • Children are often thought to experience paranormal activity more often than adults for a couple of reasons. 1) Belief has not been socialized out of a child and they are more open to the idea that strange things can happen. 2) The average hearing frequency range of a child is from 20 to 20,000 Hz. Adults lose their ability to hear sounds above 15,000 Hz starting at the age of about 25. Our hearing range drops further as we age.
  • We are surrounded by radio frequencies at all times but we do not hear them. We have to have a special device to receive the radio waves and modulate them into a perceivable sound.
  • There are people in the world who hear things others do not. In some cases, we refer to this as a mental illness and in other cases (dependent on the social/cultural aspects of the situation) we say the person is receiving messages from “the other side”. Either way, there are people who perceive sounds that are not readily apparent to the average person.
  • Many people claim that “spirits” can manipulate the radio frequency on a spirit box to speak but what if instead of manipulating the frequency, their voices are just more easily carried because they can be “received” and “modulated”?
  • Is it possible that some humans have the ability to “receive” or “modulate” these frequencies creating a perceivable sound?
  • When using a walkie-talkie or (as we learned in one investigation) when there are several police cars outside the building broadcasting on their radios, we get REMpod activity.
  • While using a tri-field meter, I have noted a potential correlation between higher levels of RF and perceived paranormal phenomena. (more testing is needed)
  • Should we be monitoring radio frequencies while investigating?
  • While standard EMF readings may be relevant, do we need to dig deeper to evaluate if something is occurring in the radio frequency band?
  • Does our perception of sound play a major part in our ability to experience paranormal activity?

Ok, that is a lot of disjointed ideas but with a similar theme. What I want to think about is how we test this variable and use it to further our research. Unfortunately, radio waves are a bit out of my normal range of understanding and I’m having to slowly teach myself the basics. My comfort zone is more psychology and less technology. So if anyone out there has additional thoughts, theories, or practical applications, I am welcome to hear them. I am open to the idea that this is a false flag and I’m skipping down the wrong path. 

What do you think, should we be considering radio frequency during our investigations?

Until next time, Happy Hunting!

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