Book Review: “Life with the Afterlife” By Amy Bruni

“Life with the Afterlife” by Amy Bruni“If you had told me one day there would be a drinking game devoted to every time I got a swear word bleeped out on television, I would have told you that you were f***ing crazy. And yet, here we are” -Amy Bruni I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I have been watching Amy Bruni since the first time she appeared on Ghost Hunters and really appreciate her honest approach to investigation. I learned basic investigation by watching people like Amy and much of what she says in this book resonates with me today.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, especially to new investigators. It is easy to read and has a lot of really good information about what to expect. Amy is very direct about things like ghost photos, crossing spirits over, and making money as an investigator. She also makes good points about equipment and experimenting with new techniques. While I recommend it for newbies, it’s also a great read for anyone who loves paranormal investigation.

Pros: I like Amy’s honest approach to investigation and her kindness to both the living and the dead is to be admired.

Cons: She references her show Kindred Spirits a lot so if you haven’t watched it, you may get a little lost.

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