Book Review: “Ghost Hunting: A Practical Guide” The New Edition By Andrew Green and Edited by Alan Murdie

Important notes: This book was originally published in 1973 and Andrew Green resided in the UK. Access to information and methods may vary based on country of residence.

This book aims to guide novice investigators as they learn about the process of paranormal investigation. The writer seeks to address topics such as the research process, obtaining proof of phenomena, experimentation, historical research, equipment usage, interviewing, and so on.

Would I recommend this book? Probably not. There are better books for getting new investigators started on the right foot. This may be different if I was working with investigators in the UK but for US investigators, I would recommend “Paranormal Investigations” by Chad Stambaugh instead.

Pros: Andrew Green (1927-2004) was clearly respected by the parapsychology community in his lifetime. His book was the first of its kind aimed at introducing the public to the idea of ghost hunting as a scientific endeavor. There are many really useful thoughts throughout the book and I believe that investigators in the UK will continue to find use within it’s pages.

Cons: Even with the updated information provided by Alan Murdie in the 2016 edition, the book still feels very outdated as there are many references to equipment and processes that are no longer utilized. In addition, the information on historical research is possibly useful for investigators in the UK but not as much for investigators in the US. Many privacy laws have sprung up since 1973 which makes research a bit more challenging than what is presented in these pages. The book also skips around from one idea to the next in every paragraph without any transition or hint that you are no longer following the same thought process. This is VERY aggravating, and some bullet points may have made this better.

You can purchase your own copy of the book here.

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