My Camera Rig for Paranormal Investigations

As an investigator, you will learn on the fly and adapt your methods over time. We all learn what works for us by many failures along the way and I have had a LOT of failures in the last 11 years. My current camera rig is my favorite and I feel like it works very well for what I need. I have been able to not only capture interesting videos but also clear EVPs. I currently have 3 of these rigs available for each investigation. 

Jen’s Camera Set-Up 2022

First off, I use 2 different cameras 1) the Phasm camera and 2) of the original full spectrum POV camera from Ghost Stop.  I like the wide angle on these particular cameras and when paired with a quality IR light, I capture very clear video. The Phasm camera holds a 128 gb memory card vs the 32 gb card in the POV camera so the Phasm is the workhorse of my rigs since it can record 14-16 hours of video without a card change. 

Jen’s Camera Rig. Note the white writing on the IR light to note which light I am using and my initials.

Next, I use an ORDRO LN-3 Studio IR Light purchased from Amazon. This little light puts out more illumination than most other lights for a fraction of the cost. Note: only use this light at half illumination if you are running it for several hours as it will overheat and begin to flash. You won’t see the flashing with your eyes but you will see it later when you review your evidence. 

In order to attach both the camera and the IR light to my tripod, I needed a 1/4″ mount adapter for the tripod screw to the flash hot shoe.

To power the camera and IR light for the duration of an investigation, I use a fully charged USB Power Pack from Ghost Stop. The power pack get’s zip tied to the tripod. (I know, FANCY!) The cords get wrapped around the middle to reduce the slack and I’m ready to roll. I can quickly move this rig from one room to another throughout an investigation with very little trouble. 

One final note on equipment, be sure to label everything. I have a number system for items that I have in multiples (this includes DVR cameras) so I can note any problems with a specific piece of equipment. I also put my initials on everything as fellow investigators may have the same piece of equipment.

So that’s how I set-up my cameras! I love hearing about the methods utilized by other investigators so please feel free to share your camera set-up in the comments or on my Facebook page.

Until next time, Happy Hunting! 

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