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Why Don’t Paranormal Investigators Charge for Their Services? (At least They Shouldn’t)

In a world full of costly services, you would think that paranormal investigators would try to make a little cash from the “services” they provide individuals in residential cases. So why is it that most investigators make a point of stating up front that there is no charge for a team to take a case? And why should you avoid teams that do charge? 

  1. Paranormal investigators are not professional service people. I don’t care what anyone tells you, there are NO standards, no certifications, and no authorizations. There is nothing to support the claims that your investigative team can do anything to help. We receive ZERO professional training in investigation techniques and/or paranormal phenomena removal.
  1. Anyone can be a paranormal investigator. Really, anyone. The guy who bags your groceries, your math teacher, a local cop, a farmer, an office administrator, plumbers, and construction workers can either join or create a paranormal team. 
  1. There is no science to support the claims of paranormal investigators. We have a lot of assumptions based on anomalous events but we don’t have anything to support these claims. And no, a medium saying something does not count as proof of paranormal phenomena. (I know some very trustworthy mediums and I stand by not using unsupported statements from medium’s as proof of anything.) 
  1. Speaking of mediums, investigators should be aware of the fact that mediums defrauded untold numbers of people during the height of the Spiritualists movement and should be very cautious of anything that can make them appear to be taking advantage of people who are grieving the loss of their loved ones. 

With all of this said, should you even invite a paranormal team into your home? Honestly, this is a tough call. You have to be very careful about who you ask for help. Please research the teams in your area before you make any calls. While we do not have all of the fancy degrees and certifications needed to be legitimate service providers, we do have a large community of people who want to find answers to some very stressful problems. 

Paranormal investigators exist within a service need void. Often, people experience strange things in their home that cause fear, stress, and a multitude of other problems in their life. These people often need someone to listen to their story and validate their concerns. Many times, paranormal investigators can find simple answers to the client’s concerns, bring peace of mind, and provide confidence that the client can handle the situation. Investigators can also collect data and verify if something anomalous is occurring. They can make suggestions, referrals, and provide support. Often, people turn to investigators when they feel no one else will listen. 

If you are an investigator, recognize the reality of the situation and accept that this is not a for-profit endeavor. If you are in it for money, you may want to do something else with your time. Be humbled by the fact that someone trusts you enough to let you in their home and makes you aware of something that they likely keep secret from everyone outside of their home. Don’t take advantage of their vulnerability. Be kind, be honest, and be ethical. 

If you have had a good experience with a paranormal team in your home, there are always kind things you can do for them such as follow their social media pages, send them a card (do not put money in the card), or even support events they may host in the area. Please don’t ever feel obligated to pay someone for a service that cannot be verified. 

Until next time, Happy Hunting! 

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