Book Review: “The Ghost Hunter’s Survival Guide” by Michelle Belanger

Michelle Belanger has worked as a psychic medium and occult expert on television shows such as Paranormal State and Portals to Hell. She is also author of more than thirty books on paranormal topics. This particular book is aimed at helping paranormal investigators learn how to use their own personal energy (or that of a higher power) to protect themselves and assist residential clients. It follows a case where Belanger teaches a co-investigator and a client how to ground, center, shield, cleanse, remove attachments, ward a home, and remove unwanted “spirits”.

Would I recommend this book? This book requires a very open mind. I’ll be honest, I had a hard time getting through this one because I am very skeptical when it comes to energy work. With that said, I have already recommended it to the more sensitive members of my team as they are already working on these skills, and I do think there is a lot of worthwhile content for energy workers. So, yes, I would recommend this book to certain people. But I probably won’t recommend it to my co-investigator cop friend as I don’t think he is ready for invisible sword fights with “spirits”.

Pros: Belanger does a really good job of describing the process in each section and giving bullet point lists that are easy to follow. She even provides summaries at the end of each section to quickly point out the most important points. There are several side boxes that contain religious or historical reference information along with suggestions for those who are more skeptical. Overall, it is a well-organized book.

Cons: This book is heavy on the “woo-woo” and that can be a turn off for your technical investigators. I strongly believe we need the skeptics, the technicians, and the sensitives to form a well-rounded team so this book may lose individuals who are not interested in the more “spiritual” aspects of paranormal investigation. I think it’s worth a chapter to discuss basic safety since this is a “survival guide” but I know that was outside the scope of this book. Readers should just know what to expect when the get this one.

Overall thoughts: This is a good guide for people ready to delve into energy protection and cleansing in paranormal situations. This is not a general ghost hunters survival guide so do not expect information on the process of investigation.

You can find your own copy of this book here.

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