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Paranormal Investigator Gift Guide 2022

Do paranormal investigators ever have enough equipment? If you ask my teammate, Dane, he would say 100% “No”. So what is your friendly neighborhood ghost hunter looking for this year? Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

  1. A new video camera. I’ve been eyeing one of Sony’s nightshot cameras. I have a teammate that loves his but they can get a bit expensive so I’m having to save up for this one.
  2. SLS camera: I’ve had several people tell me that this is high on their wish list. I’m on the fence about the usefulness of this device but there are many who love it. 
  3. GS2 Laser Grid System: This thing is just cool. We have had a few good experiences with this device. It paints a laser grid on the wall and when something moves through the field, the lights will indicate the location of the movement.
  4. A EDI+ Data Logger: You can never have enough data and I’m a fan of having at least one of these run the duration of an investigation in a location that also has a static camera set-up. 
  5. Onvoy Spirit Box: I got one of these when they were released and it has been really interesting. I’m still testing it out but it seems promising. I like that it has a tap function and does not rely on EMF logic to generate words from a database as with the Ovilus. 
  6. A Ghost Box: I use the one from GhostStop because I can record the session onto an SD card. I also like the SB 11 for the amount of control you have and the ability to run two sets of headphones off the same box.
  7. A REMpod: Trigger objects that make noise are very useful in directing investigators to locations where activity may be occurring. I like the REMpods because while they do make noise, they are not so loud as to become a nuisance.
  8. Boo Bear: In addition to being cute, this bear is full of fun gadgets and can be used as a trigger object for child “spirits”. 
  9. Para4ce Spirit Vibes – Vibration Sensor: Vibration sensors are useful in areas where footsteps are commonly reported. I like how this one lights up so it would be useful on camera. 
  10. Paranormal Music Box: This is another one that people love. It plays creepy music anytime someone walks through the calibrated ultrasonic pulse field.
  11. Shadow Tracker: These are hard to get a hold of but can be useful for detecting motion. 
  12. IR lights: You need light to record video so this is one of the most important items a ghost hunter needs. Yes, the trigger objects are fun but you have to be able to see the activity on your cameras. 
  13. Comfortable shoes: This is a basic necessity. Everyone should have a good pair of shoes that don’t make noise when you are walking through a building. I’m a fan of Keds, Converse, and Vans but everyone has a favorite. Getting your investigator a comfy and cool pair of kicks will make them happy every time they put them on for an adventure.  
  14. Cat toys: Ok, hear me out on this one. People have been using these light up cat toys as trigger objects and they love them. I don’t because I have found them to be very unreliable. Instead I would recommend toys that have bells inside. There are no mechanical items inside that can malfunction and if moved, they will make a noticeable sound. 
  15. A grab and go gear bag: When you get a last minute invite to do some investigating, being able to run out the door is essential. I recommend getting a bag where you can have a full camera set-up and sensor devices available at a moment’s notice. Plus, you can carry it with you during an investigation instead of an armful of gadgets. This is the one I use and I like that I can add onto it but you can always find a cheaper bag at an outdoor store.
  16. Power pack: Investigators need several of these because in addition to light, investigators need power. 
  17. Headphones: A good pair of headphones is necessary for evidence review and Estes sessions. I have two pairs of OneOdio headphones. 
  18. EMF Trip Wire: I have been wanting to try this out but it is another item that has been hard to get my hand on. The idea is that there are several EMF sensors that can light up along the line which can be useful in tracking the movement of an anomaly. 

As always, these gifts are incredibly expensive so don’t feel bad about giving the gift of cash to help your investigator pay for their adventures. 

Until next time, Happy Hunting!

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